We are planners-designers who align buildings with owners to create cultural dialogues with identity defined by your sense of beauty and your biography expressed through your history, objects, and stories. Our studio creates aesthetic spaces for life and work — places that reveal who you are and what you value.


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Janet Kagan is Founding Partner of Art-Force. For twenty years, she has worked with buyers, sellers, and realtors to transform physical environments to resonate with current and potential owners who desire assistance with home acquisition, renovation, and visualization of what could be. Her innate talent for imagining remarkable spaces that honor each client's inherent assets of cultural and aesthetic orientation are the inflection points that become expressions of art and beauty. She is inspired by balance among natural elements, designed forms, material choices, and striking structural solutions.

"Relationships, like roads, are the infrastructure connecting us with our spaces. We design metaphorical highways and intersections joining who you are and what you value to your places of work and home. Our partnerships with clients recognize their distinct aesthetic vocabulary, intrinsic assets, individual motivations, and self-interests so we may articulate resonate storylines that honor, care for, and protect the soul of the place. We then translate and transfer into design what you revere about yourself so all of us can celebrate you."

She also leads strategic planning, design, and field-directs studio work in neglected neighborhoods and rural areas to creatively address social, economic, and physical injustice. Working in association with local leaders, artists, artisans, designers, and nonprofits, each project recognizes and strengthens cultural, artistic, and aesthetic imprints of place.


We welcome the opportunity to share with you additional information about the studio and our projects. If you are interested in learning more about Fellowship Opportunities for creatives seeking to extend their talent and deepen their craft, or our Acknowledgment of outstanding creativity in neighborhood development expressed in spaces that are original and inspiring, please be in touch.