We are planners-designers who align old buildings and their past purposes with new owners to create cultural dialogues with identity defined by your sense of beauty and your biography expressed through your history, objects, and stories. Our studio creates aesthetic spaces for life and work — places that reveal who you are and what you value.

INSPIRATION in pictures

An assortment of found photos that inspire.



Janet Kagan is Founding Partner of Art-Force. She leads strategic planning and design for all initiatives and field-directs studio work in neglected neighborhoods and rural areas to creatively address social, economic, and physical injustice. Working in partnerships with local leaders, artists, artisans, designers, and nonprofits, each project recognizes and strengthens cultural, artistic, and aesthetic imprints of place. On occasion, she assists private clients with home acquisitions and|or renovations.


We acknowledge outstanding creativity in neighborhood development as expressed in spaces that are inspiring and original.

We seek creatives who want to deepen their craft and extend their talent.


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